Founded in 1929, the company has a course marked by constant innovation. The “a Persistente” offers a wide range of products in which publicity works (posters, leaflets, flyers, Stopper catalogues, wipes, labels and muppis) stand out; commercial works (crafts, envelopes, bags, blocks, cards); publications (books, magazines, brochures, colouring pictures), wrapping paper, wallpaper, archive boxes, labels and ribbons, stickers, boxes, etc.

“aPersistente” has been betting on a policy of quality, technological evolution, always with a view to reduce prices and protect the environment. As a part of its technological evolution, “aPersistente” invested in Sistrade® MIS|ERP system that allows for all the business and production processes to be managed in one system.


aPersistente César Castelão & Filhos, Lda