Established in 2008 in Zagreb, Cerovski Print Boutique is one of the best printing houses in Europe producing some of the best works of renowned designers on the market and for the customers worldwide.

Cerovski strongly invests in innovative digital printing technology of excellent quality. This is a growing need for fast delivery of short-run prints and offers the possibility of complete customization to the text, colour, image, background etc.

In order to provide high quality standards to its customers, Cerovski decided to implement Sistrade® MIS|ERP solution to manage the company. Sistrade® MIS|ERP is a solution able to meet the requirements of industrial sector; it is based on the latest information technologies, used to manage all business and production processes. Sistrade® is used in all the areas of the company, from estimating to production control and supervision, as well as stocks management, purchases, scheduling, financial management and shipment.




Sistrade®, a Portuguese company specializing in the development of information systems, has been present on the Croatian market for several years with its innovations and solutions, harmonized and adapted to the needs of both the market and its clients. By offering different types of tools, Sistrade® brings numerous savings, both in the production process and in the segment of equally important planning. Their solutions have already been implemented in Croatia by several printing houses, which were recently joined by Cerovski Print Boutique from Zagreb.

Cerovski Print Boutique is a printing house that has been present on the Croatian market for eight years, during this time it has grown into an important player that today offers the service of innovative printing. It is also known as a printing house that loves challenges, not only by following trends but also by imposing them. Everything they do, they do with the goal of satisfying the end user.

In order to further improve production and production processes and increase competitiveness, Cerovski Print Boutique recently decided to implement the MIS/ERP system from the Portuguese company SISTRADE.

The owner and director of the printing house Siniša Cerovski states that “We have always wanted to improve our business with a quality ERP solution. However, such solutions for a company of our size are difficult to access and when the opportunity arose through partial co-financing through the European Regional Development Fund, we decided to use it. After a detailed research, we chose Sistrade.” One of the reasons why SISTRADE was chosen is certainly the fact that this renowned company adapts its system to the customer by analyzing its business processes and needs in detail, so that the end result is exactly what the customer needs.

Decisions made based on objective information

Implementation has only recently been carried out, so it is still difficult to talk about results in particular and, as Siniša Cerovski says, they are still pending, given that for real cost-effectiveness indicators the system needs to be filled with real data from everyday business. Although it takes at least six months of active implementation for the system to show the first, relevant results, Cerovski Print Boutique is already extremely satisfied because they can monitor every activity through the process, which, after all, was the reason for introducing MIS/ERP system. “We are glad that we can now base our business decisions on objective information,” said Siniša Cerovski.

What is also of great importance in the whole implementation process is the readiness of the entire team for changes, which today in the printing industry world is necessary, as the number of job orders increased, deadlines and editions decreased, and price became one of the key parameters for decision making. According to Siniša Cerovski, the introduction of new processes and changing the already established ways of work is always a problem to some extent, as well as, as he says, “persuading” colleagues that changing the system is really necessary. “Preparations for implementation, as well as the implementation itself, are very complex. Every process, every stage needs to be well analysed, values calculated and the system set up. I am extremely proud that we went through this phase quite simply”, says Cerovski and adds that now, in addition to the adjustment process, employee education is underway: “Education of all of us is necessary, but besides education, I would say, practice is even more important, that is, daily application. It is the key to everything.”

A company that bases its business on a reliable ERP system is certainly more willing to withstand market competition in the long run

He emphasizes that the support they have had and still have from Sistrade is of great importance to the whole process: “In addition to implementation, they are ready to provide consulting support given the rich experience related to organizational structures of the process, which is also very useful when implementing a system.”

Multiple benefits for clients as well

As we mentioned earlier, the competition in the printing market today is extremely high and requires maximum flexibility and focus on the client and his requirements. In order to get everything done on time and not at the expense of quality, optimization of the business process is necessary. With the introduction of the MIS/ERP system, Cerovski Print Boutique has shown that as a printing house, process optimization and sustainability come first, which in any case should be recognized by clients. Siniša Cerovski adds that the implementation of this system will mostly bring internal benefits, but he believes that it will be felt by clients, both through the overall quality of the relationship and the speed of reaction when making an offer, but most importantly, the quality of the final product.

“A company that bases its business on a reliable ERP system is certainly more willing to withstand market competition in the long run. Decisions based on actual information collected through the ERP system are certainly better and more accurate than those based on feeling. Given that we are currently perhaps the only printing house of our size that has such a system, I take it upon myself to say that it certainly ranks us among the ‘more serious’ players on the market today,” concludes Siniša Cerovski.