Galería Gráfica, founded in 1951, started the specialization in the world of packaging, producing packaging for the chocolate industry and fruit cooperatives. During all these years the company has been growing hand in hand with the clients, fostering relationships of more than 30 years with them. In 2013 the company moved to the current plant, equipped with the most modern machinery. These facilities allow Galería Gráfica to be a reference in the world of packaging.

After moving into the new plant Galería Gráfica decided that it is time to invest into management system and after the search on the market has chosen Sistrade® MIS|ERP system for company management. Sistrade MIS|ERP is a vertical solution for packaging printing companies, which allows Galería Gráfica the integrated management of all departments, such as specific estimating, purchases from suppliers, stocks management, scheduling and production management.


Galería Gráfica
Galeria Grafica