In ITA - Indústria Têxtil do Ave, S.A., SISTRADE put into operation a system of industrial supervision and control Sistrade® ERP. Using the technology, completely based on the Internet, with a network of automata and sensing in machinery, ITA began to monitor factory layout graphically and via the INTERNET, knowing each instant piece of information such as the status of a job order, quantities produced by machine, etc.

In addition to the production control system, SISTRADE implemented a power management system. This system aims primarily at monitoring and controlling the instantaneous consumption of the plant in terms of electric power and gas as well as automation to verify control point engaged.

SISTRADE - Software Consulting S.A. is an information system engineering company, which has a management system for the Printing and Packaging Industry named Sistrade® MIS|ERP. Sistrade® is MIS|ERP for this industry which is based on the latest information technologies, such as access via Internet Browser and use of Microsoft SQL Server, and features from Estimating to the control and Industrial supervision through the electronic commerce and supply management.