Monteiro Ribas - Industrias, S.A. a company based in Porto, is a leader in Portuguese market since 1950. Specialized in printing flexible packaging for food and pharmaceuticals, production of rubber for shoe soles and synthetic leather, it has purchased at SISTRADE an integrated business management system Sistrade®. The system implementation allows managing all the business of the company, including estimating, planning of job orders, management of supplies and stocks, as well as the control, supervision and monitoring of production, and other features.

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Monteiro Ribas Packaging and SISTRADE join forces in industrial management

Monteiro Ribas Packaging, a company that produces foil or cardboard packaging, mainly for the European food industry market, has developed custom-made software. According to José Barros, CEO of Monteiro Ribas, the company later concluded that the software could be boosted by working together with SISTRADE, from a perspective of common interest. The businessman closely followed the technical sessions during SISTRADE S.Day 2021.
As an industrial company, Monteiro Ribas Packaging decided to join the Sistrade Software project largely due to the fact that Sistrade is strong in the production area. Just as Monteiro Ribas Packaging, SISTRADE engineering team works in technically complex product areas. Sistrade software directly connects the company’s machines to the management system. “There was an alliance between the two programs, that is, the system allows the connection to the production machines. All machines have an automaton which enables management of the entire production”. The software tools are aligned with the future needs of Monteiro Ribas Packaging, José Barros admits that the company has not been able to fully benefit from the potential of the available information yet. In fact, “a person will be recruited to deal exclusively with these indicators. Sistrade software provides information in large quantities, on the shop floor it allows knowing all the variables necessary for production”. Satisfied with the choice made, the CEO of Monteiro Ribas mentioned the importance of having an ongoing partnership with SISTRADE, a company that has a wide range of products in the area of Industry 4.0 and brings many advantages. It is possible to go further because the world of IT is unlimited.

In this context, Monteiro Ribas Packaging intends to enter the digital printing area, as a market niche and a way to diversify its activity. It allows lower costs as long as the customer does not repeat the work. José Barros considers it a limited market, as only up to 20% of the existing customer portfolio will be able to move to digital. “There are still a lot of restrictions in this market”, he admits. For all intents and purposes, the partnership with SISTRADE will be maintained, as a business partner and with a perspective of growth for both parties.

Website: www.monteiroribas.com