SISTRADE implements MIS|ERP Sistrade® in Ocyan. 
GPI was founded in 1996 and started as a pre-press company. Following its activity, in 2000, a new company directed to large and medium-size digital printing was created: Prodigit.

In 2002, GPI enlarges its activity to the digital print offset sector, starting to offer together with Prodigit, complete service of pre-press and small and large format.

The year 2007 was a year of changes, with new facilities and a new image. United under the same logo, GPI and Prodigit started to sign as “We give color to your ideas”, assuming their common vocation of colour management.

Following its expansion as a group of companies, OCYAN has started to search for a better way to optimize their management and production procedures. In that process, SISTRADE has presented MIS|ERP Sistrade® for the printing and packaging industry and it has fitted the needs of all the companies of the group, that has decided to implement the complete solution in all its companies.