Sidónios Malhas and SISTRADE partner in the production area

Sidónios Malhas is a nationally referenced company when it comes to production of knitted fabrics on circular looms. About a decade ago, the internationalization process began, the company has grown continuously and there was the need to increase efficiency in terms of production. As Alexandre Silva Sidónio, director of Sidónios Malhas, referred to “Vida Económica”, SISTRADE was chosen to provide this necessary support.
“According to Alexandre Silva Sidónio, “SISTRADE caught us half way through a process of changing the ERP. SISTRADE team made a presentation of the potential of their software, and this captured the interest of Sidónios Malhas, especially for the industrial part. Both sides recognized that there was a strong potential to establish a partnership, which ended up happening”. At the moment, the implementation of the program is underway which is going to be concluded shortly. The most important aspect is that even though the textile sector is highly complex SISTRADE has proved to be very strong in the production area.

A good scheduling solution for production area
The textile industry involves a whole series of complexities, since there is a large amount of product in stock, whether raw material or finished product. The development of the samples also increases difficulty. “All this requires a good production scheduling. The scheduling changes every day and it is extremely important to have a good tool, good support in the IT area”. The response given by SISTRADE to a whole series of demands satisfies the head of Sidónios Malhas, bearing in mind that the positive results are already being felt.
For the entrepreneur, the industry solutions provided by SISTRADE are aligned with the future needs of Sidónios Malhas. “What is happening is that we are opting for as much automation as possible, without inducing mistakes”. In this context, he is satisfied with the IT company, not only in terms of the selected product but also with the team that provides all the necessary support for the implementation of the software. “People like understanding the area itself and this is an investment with a guaranteed return. The program will allow employees to orient their activity to other areas that are essential for the proper functioning of the company, not least because bureaucracy is also substantially reduced”, concluded Alexandre Silva Sidónio.

Exporting for a decade
Sidónios Malhas is a textile company founded in the eighties. Its main activity is the production of knitted fabrics on circular looms with a strong focus on internationalization has been made in the last 10 years. Located in Barcelos, the company occupies an area of around 18 thousand sqm, of which 12 thousand cover a machine park comprising of 70 circular looms. Since its creation, Sidónios Malhas has grown successively, both in terms of turnover and in terms of facilities and staff. The company considers it essential to guarantee the commitment to the error prevention to carry out the activities according to applicable requirements, ensuring the continuous improvement of processes for the products and services to be both profitable and at competitive price.

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