The conference participants were SISTRADE partners and clients, such as Symington, Graphic Engineering, Falcon, JP Sá Couto, XC-Consultores, AUREN, PrintMediaPartners, Technology Centre INEGI and of course SISTRADE. During the conference various topics related to the importance of new technologies in the company's daily activities were addressed and discussed:

• How to be number one (Symington)
• Eco-efficiency / Sustainability (INEGI/IDEPA)
• Plant construction, process & software management (Graphic Engineering)
• Track & Trace on demand (FALCON)
• MES - Success Case Study (JP Sá Couto)
• Lean to Win (XC –Consultores)
• Sistrade® New Features (SISTRADE)
• Electronic Invoicing (AUREN)
• New markets, new opportunities (PrintMediaPartners)

The presentations were addressed to an audience of 60 guests from the industrial sector, technology centres and the media. SISTRADE stood out as a provider of 100% web MIS|ERP solution specialized for industry, promoting the new features such as Multiplatform, Private Cloud, SCADA & SFC, MES - Manufacturing Execution System and other.

In addition to the conference, SISTRADE organized training sessions for its employees who work with SISTRADE nationally and internationally, aiming to develop technical skills and knowledge of the new features and improvements of Sistrade® software.

In conclusion, SISTRADE took this opportunity to meet their international partners and employees, as well as some customers strengthening business relations, as well as promoting the company and Sistrade® software!

Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2014


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