The ceremony took place at the National Press Museum in Porto, on the 24th of February. It was the second ceremony of enthronement of The Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights held in Portugal. This confraternity defends and promotes the values of a just and fraternal Europe, spreading the language and culture of the people, contributing to the preservation of the printed word and its improvement and development. Similarly, promotes literacy and the spread of education and culture, especially among children and adolescents.

The European Confraternity of the Knights of Gutenberg has over 700 members; the idea was born in France from where it was transplanted to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland. The Polish Guild, represented by the Chancellor Jacek Kuśmierczyk, is very active, and since 2013 has been recruiting Portuguese entrepreneurs and personalities who share the same ideals and values, for the future Portuguese Guild of Gutenberg Knights.

The ceremony was led by the Chancellor of the confraternity Jacek Kuśmierczyk and the member Paulo do Souto from SISTRADE, during which 11 entrepreneurs from Portugal, Angola and Spain, that in one way or another can contribute to the visibility and prominence of the confraternity, became new members.

The new members are António Jorge Marquez Filipe - General Manager of Symington Family, Aurelio Mendiguchía García Technical Director of Instituto Tecnológico e Gráfico Tajamar, Augusto Monteiro da Silva Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grafopel – Equipamentos Gráficos, S.A., Fernando César Pinheiro de Fontoura General Manager APIGRAF, João Carlos Gonçalves Calheiros Manager of the Organization Gráfica Calheiros, Lda, João Henriques Baeta Administrator of Olegário Fernandes, José Rodrigo Barros General Manager and Administrator Monteiro, Ribas – Embalagens Flexíveis, SA, José Maria Pereira Administrator of MAGCOP SA., Luís Humberto Jardim Marcos Director of the National Press Museum, Paulo Nunes de Almeida President of the General Council of AEP- Associação Empresarial de Portugal and Victor Manuel Alves General Manager of Mercográfica company in Angola.

Attending the ceremony were also the members enthroned during the first ceremony in Guimarães in 2014, António de Sousa Ribeiro General Manager of SISTRADE, Luís Filipe Correia Technical Director of SISTRADE, José Lopes Castro current President of APIGRAF, José Augusto Constâncio General Manager of Eurodois, Diogo Alves de Sousa General Manager of Tecnimpresa, António Ramalho General Manager of EIKON, Carlos Coutinho General Manager of Ideal Artes Gráficas.

SISTRADE – Software Consulting have been one of the main promoters of the Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights, organizing events and ceremonies in Portugal. Now, there are already 19 member in Portugal.

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2016


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