ERBI is one of the leading packaging printers on the Polish market. The company specializes in the manufacture of cartons for the pharmaceutical industry. More than twenty years of experience and the recent investment in the latest technology strengthen ERBI position as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging.

In the words of the owner and managing director of ERBI – Mr. Jakub Bielecki – “Our strategy for the sustainable development of our company required a thorough clarification of objectives we want to achieve. We have set both short and long term objectives and identified the tools that are necessary to achieve them. The main priority was an integrated information system. Leaving aside my intuition, I believe that the system should be the basis of all decision-making processes. In our case, the supplier selection process lasted more than two years. Why so long? We were aware of the importance of this decision for the entire company. We have quickly learned that there is a great number of solution providers. First, we compared only those who have implementations in the packaging industry. Of course, not without visiting many European printing houses and actual comparison of the completed implementations. Ultimately, the whole ERBI team’s decision was unanimous. As our partner we chose SISTRADE. Both companies share the same philosophy “act locally, think globally”. We need a system that has proven itself in packaging printing sector in many countries. The contemporary packaging market is changing at unbeatably fast pace. The ERP system is a tool that will work in our company for many years. It needs as efficiently to support our decisions both today and in a few years. It should be highly flexible and ready for upcoming changes, sometimes for those that we are not able to predict, despite the proven intuition. This is what we value, in addition to know-how of SISTRADE specialists which is the result of dozens of implementations in the packaging industry and reflected in the software. Certainly the implementation of SISTRADE in ERBI printing house will help us achieve our goals.”

ERBI will implement MIS|ERP Sistrade system in a very wide range. The implementation will cover the commercial department, estimates, production, purchases, stocks, scheduling, quality control and financial department. The implementation will allow achieving the following objectives: shorten the delivery time of the finished product to the customer, optimizing scheduling processes, introducing more stringent quality control processes and precise post-press estimates.

For over fifteen years SISTRADE develops integrated management system MIS|ERP for packaging printing industry. It has been implemented in the sector in over 20 countries on four continents. The first system version, launched in 2000, was web based. Access to all system modules is done using a web browser.


Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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