High Security Printing EMEA is an annual event focusing on government issued documents such as currency, ID cards, e-passports, visas, vehicle documents and licenses, banknotes etc. During the event, specialists will be presenting the latest technologies in the field. Alongside the event, there is an exhibition of over 40 exhibitors working in the currency, e-passport, smart card, authentication and related industries. At the exhibition, SISTRADE will present its MIS software solution for security printing industry and its latest version S10 that includes a number of new features and improvements.

Sistrade® MIS software solution is highly customizable and modular, and is contributing to an improvement of automation thus promoting the efficiency, quality and safety of the entire business operation. Sistrade® MIS software is versatile and can be adapted to meet individual needs of different Security Printing segments. The multilingual platform makes it possible to implement and use the system in any language, it is available through cloud services, on tablets and smartphones.

SISTRADE invite you to the stand E9 to learn more about Sistrade® MIS software features dedicated to Security Printing.

Industry 4.0 will generate dynamic changes strongly based on software and IT-related developments. This will influence the near future tremendously and create disruptive scenarios in all branches. Let's discuss our solution for a smart approach to Process and IT-Integration in Security Printing operations.

Date: Friday, February 24, 2017


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