During the negotiation process Sistrade system flexibility and feature-rich functionality proven to be the right solution for security printing technique and therefore, it will be implemented by the Qatari Ministry of Interior as one of the core system to organize the work and production of the new Security Printing Complex which was inaugurated in June in Doha city. SISTRADE has a Partner to this project – Sphinx Commercial, from Egypt, a company with great experience in the security printing consulting.

The project implementation includes all the main Sistrade® modules such as stocks and purchases, production planning, quality control, equipment maintenance that are adapted to meet all the major needs of the company.

One of the distinguishing factors of Sistrade® MIS|ERP software is the possibility to adapt this solution in any country worldwide and to any printing sector. Sistrade® is a multilingual platform which makes it possible to implement and use the system in any language, including Arabic language. Also Sistrade® is completely available through Cloud service and accessible by means of Tablet and Smart Phone devices.

The Director of SISTRADE, Paulo do Souto comments that "Qatari Ministry of Interior chose Sistrade MIS as the key for the management and control of the process certification through our system, technology and consulting service, in partnership with Sphinx Commercial, a recognized MENA regional player in the printing sector. SISTRADE is proud for the recognition and trust. The project will be an international success in which SISTRADE have the main role."

Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013


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