The electricity, water or gas, with the constant rise in prices and concern about environmental issues have become increasingly valuable resources. Companies are more aware of the reduction of energy consumption. But what can they do? What measures are necessary to better fulfil their potential? And once the companies implement the necessary measure, how they know and document its effectiveness? These questions lead to an answer: Energy Management System.

SISTRADE, aware that indicators should be quantifiable and measurable, and that companies need to manage all areas of work, developed a tool that allows controlling energy consumption as well as identifying the cost centre that causes consumption higher than expected so it is possible to take appropriate actions.

The aim is to improve energy efficiency, which requires high control, recording the data in a simple and automatic way, and then analysing this data and acting accordingly.

This module allows the energy monitoring by equipment or machine (gas, electricity, water, compressed air) and allows:
- Obtaining real-time information of a set of parameters
- Supervision via web-browser of the plant layout with real time indication of energy consumption
- Issuing alerts at specific points in the process if the differences between the real and optimal consumption exceed certain value.

Benefits from the module implementation:
- Real time data available
- Reduction of energy costs
- Improving process and activity energy performance
- Increasing the equipment life span
- Competitive advantage over companies that tend to neglect this point of social responsibility
- Reduction of environmental impacts resulting from the activity
- Possibility of integration with the existing management systems

For the companies it is important to have energy management tool like this, it is the best way to obtain ISO 50001 certification. This standard addresses the need to reduce consumption and increase efficiency. One of the most important features of ISO 50001 to highlight is the requirement "....integrate energy management into their overall efforts to improve quality and environmental management". The certification demonstrates that the energy management system complies with the ISO 50001 standard.

Thus, ISO 50001 standard requires the company to show its commitment to save energy, reduce costs and meet environmental requirements. There are no specified quantitative goals. Each company chooses the goals to be set and then projects an action plan to achieve these goals. With this structured approach, a company has more opportunities to see the tangible financial benefits.

Energy efficiency can be understood as the ability to run the same job with less consumption and in an increasingly demanding market, lower energy costs mean a more competitive company.

Sistrade energy management system can become an indispensable tool for improving company energy consumption, increasing its competitiveness in the market, as well as contributing to an improvement of civil liability, minimizing the impact of its activities within society.

Date: Friday, January 30, 2015


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