SISTRADE presents the latest version v.12 of Sistrade® MIS|ERP, where a number of new features and improvements are released for all the label converters, flexible packaging and packaging.

The improvement in label or flexible packaging production process can have the decisive outcomes for any company which results in less waste and more profit but equally important, in terms of environmental impact, it can contribute to a decrease of consumption of energy, raw materials and waste.

Regardless of who makes estimates in your company, they should be accurate and quick. The precise and quick estimating is the key for a successful and profitable business. There is a great number of operations and details to be taken into account and Sistrade® Estimating module includes every step for a more accurate result. To make the entire process even more swift Sistrade® now provides a direct link from the order to estimate or job order. Furthermore, some information is now provided in tooltip, the final values now show the prices in several units of measurement, the user has much more information about the cylinders, moreover, system indicates the percentage of waste associated with the difficulty of the print job.

Additionally, there is the multi-layer parallel process with a clear definition of the internal routing process integrated with the planning module and data collection module, as well as a full reorganization in flexible packaging graphical process for a better data visualization and the incorporation of cylinder management workflow to send/receive cylinder to/from engraver.

Finally, the reports have been improved to show the additional data that is necessary to make informed decisions. The completely new feature Sistrade® Dashboard Builder, just as its name suggests, provides a tool for creating your own dashboards to monitor the progress of the entire sales, stocks or productions processes.

SISTRADE invite to visit our stand B4 at 4P East Med 2019.

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2019


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