ERP|MIS Sistrade® is a vertical solution specialized for the companies in the area of stickers and labels, that will allow Herzog Etiketten KG complete management of all departments, from the specific estimating (parameterized) according to the product type (labels and stickers), invoicing, suppliers purchases, stocks management, job orders management until the manufacturing data collection via production terminals and automatic data acquisition (via PLC), and others.

Herzog Etiketten KG is a manufacturer of self adhesive labels for the tire industry, chemical industry, food and wine labels. The extensive know-how combined with years of experience and modern technology allows making quick decisions and direct communication. The great advantage of the company is high flexibility in the execution of new projects and commitments required in the short term. The company is headquartered in Rohrbach, not far from Alsace and Strasbourg, in the centre of Europe that is the best place to work with customers from Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey and Dubai.

Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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