A new image of the stand and an agenda filled with seminars was a great success. The dynamism and innovations transmitted by SISTRADE at the fair did not go unnoticed, it resulted in a high number of visits of various companies and professionals who were interested and curious to know more about our software 100% WEB – Sistrade®.

At SISTRADE stand, a multilingual team of professionals ready to meet the specific needs of each company, was welcoming the visitors. The matter of language was an added value for SISTRADE, which helped to individualise the reception and create a stronger bond with the company.

According to SISTRADE team, “Printing companies are increasingly aware that the acquisition of ERP|MIS Software is a key investment for the growth of the company, for management and control of the entire production process, thus reducing costs and saving time. The companies that were looking for SISTRADE, were looking for an innovative and multilingual system with the features developed for Packaging, Label and Flexible Packaging areas.”

The presentation of the new feature “Augmented Reality”, increasingly often applied in Packaging, raised the curiosity of the companies wishing to learn more about this new reality.

The success results in agreements with several companies in different countries and partnership agreements with the entities such as WARSAW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY in Poland, and with PRINTING GROUP in Lebanon that SISTRADE formalized during Drupa fair.

SISTRADE concludes the fair with a stronger position in the market!

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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