SISTRADE has always been investing in software improvement and development of new features that would create benefit to the customers and enrich information system, and now presents another feature that was released in periodic updates of MIS|ERP Sistrade® Print - GS1 standard.

GS1 standard enables transparent and efficient trading of products, services, and information between all parts of the supply chain: manufacturers, distributors, retailers, transporters, and others, resulting in a faster, more efficient, less complex and less costly supply chain, allowing organizations to focus on how to use information rather than focus on how to get information. Considering all the GS1 standard benefits, SISTRADE has incorporated it in MIS|ERP Sistrade® Print as a new major module to support the logistics.

This new module allows the companies:

  • Configuration of up to 5 types of labels:
    . Label to be applied inside the roll; outsider of the roll; in the box; in logistic volume;
    . Label of GS1 logistic standard;
  • Configuration of standard identification labels to be used by all customers or specific labels by customer;
  • Configuration of different layouts of identification labels, by type of label and by customer;
  • Identification labels with printed barcodes of GS1 standard (EAN 128);
  • Special handling for label numbering on each roll according to wine commission control;
  • Generation of the GTIN code according to the GS1 standard for finished products which require the GS1 identification.

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013


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