SISTRADE has just launched the newest - 12.9 version of Sistrade® software. At national and international webinars, SISTRADE highlighted the advantages of an integrated software always updated with the new versions and highlighted some of the main new features released in this new version, which give to all users a more functional and efficient solution.

 This new version 12.9 of the Sistrade® software offers more than 180 new improvements and features that will help simplify, speed up and improve all the company’s business processes. Out of 180 changes, 48% are new features and 52% are improvements, which are available in the new version and allow our customers to increase their business through the efficient use of time, easy access to information and optimization of their resources.

Sistrade® software is used in 25 countries, on four continents with the same version installed worldwide. On average, every year we launch more than 500 new features and improvements. Sistrade® software guarantees an integrated management of the entire company, satisfying all the company’s needs in terms of information and daily management.

Furthermore, it is always in constant evolution and innovation. Not only in order to adapt to the reality of the different countries worldwide, but also to meet the needs expressed by users. It is the users who define the orientation and evolution of the application. With them, the system evolves and manages to respond to all the demands of the current market in various sectors.


Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2021


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