High Security Printing Asia 2015 conference presents strategies and solutions for printing banknotes, passports and identity documents, with a special focus on regional issues across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. At the conference, 25 international presenters and 40 specialist providers will be showing the latest innovations in high security printing features and technologies. SISTRADE, in partnership with Falcon Industrial service GmbH – a recognised company Security Printing sector, will promote the features of Sistrade® MIS software for the Security Printing sector. The integrated data management and secure communication is crucial for a cost-effective business operation. Planning, management, monitoring and reporting of all such highly complex production processes in accordance with all safety requirements is quite challenging.

Sistrade® MIS software solution is highly customizable and modular, and is contributing to an improvement of automation thus promoting the efficiency, quality and safety of the entire business operation. Sistrade® MIS software is versatile and can be adapted to meet individual needs of different Security Printing segments. The multilingual platform makes it possible to implement and use the system in any language, it is available through cloud services, and can be accessed using Tablet and smartphones.

Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015


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