XVII ANFEC Congress is organized by the National Association of Spanish Label Converters which annually brings together its members for a three day congress, in order to present strategies and solutions in terms of label converting. This year's topic is "El dia a dia ante el cambio de modelo económico", which will be taking place in the picturesque scenery of Ibiza.

For the second year in a row SISTRADE participates in the international conference FEST.A CROPAK, it is an event that brings together users and packaging producers in Croatia, as well as designers, printing industry and all those, who are in any way related to the packaging industry. During the conference, SISTRADE will have the opportunity to present Sistrade® - MIS (Management Information System) solution for sustainability increase! during "Trends in Modern and Sustainable Packaging Production" sessions on the 15th of May.

SISTRADE participates in these two events as a supplier of MIS|ERP system with the necessary tools for the complete management of printing, packaging and label converting companies. Sistrade® software includes features such as estimating, production management and scheduling in real time, production data collection and other. Any type of job (labels and packaging) can be estimated in Sistrade® software. It is a 100% web solution that is available through cloud services, and can be accessed using Tablet and Smartphones.


Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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