"Growth opportunities in the printing industry", was the subject held during a coffee break offering recommendations, practical solutions and experiences to improve the competitiveness of the printing companies.

First, the presidents of Graphispag, D. Miquel Heredia, of AIDO, D. Rafael Ros and D. Enric Galve of Sonimagfoto&Multimedia, expressed their view of the current situation pointing to possible solutions.

SISTRADE presentation was made by Tony García, Business Manager for Spain and Latin America, gave an overview of issues, both internal and external, that are causing the need for the change of the management of company. Given this new situation, there appear new management models that with the help of MIS|ERP tools are able to increase the competitiveness of the companies.

The successful implementation of an ERP system lies in the people that make up the company, company’s culture and the impact that the implementation of an ERP creates in them. Therefore, the ability to change management is the key element to consider, as an evolutionary process and not revolutionary in the operating of the company. A proper analysis of user requirements and their integration, since the beginning of the project, is the aim for the achievement of good results.

Date: Friday, April 1, 2011


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