Sistrade® Scheduling - This project allows operations/tasks planning/scheduling through web, using Gantt’s diagram. Functionalities like task Selecting and Planning, and viewing them on Gantt’s diagram; Modify operational dates in Gantt Diagram through tasks drag & drop; Visualize, on-line, tasks modifications; Activities Operational Analysis using/performing reports like WorkCentre resource-Charge, among others.

Sistrade® JDF - This project allows Job tickets issuing (job orders) according to JDF 1.3 (Job Definition Format), from CIP4 organization, communications standard protocol for industrial Printing. Functionalities like issuing Job Orders in JDF, XML data structure analysis, among others.

Sistrade® MFW - Mobility Framework - To SISTRADE this is a main strategic project. In a way, Mobility Framework promotes investigation most future trending areas, on the other way, because from its beginning Sistrade develops tools based on Mobility. Participating in this project, Sistrade gathers its natural mission and evolve its solutions according to latest market trends and needs, locally and internationally.

Date: Monday, November 5, 2007


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