It is intended to enhance advance on a market that has been very receptive to the solutions of SISTRADE, and thus increase local contribution. Relating to this, SISTRADE hired Andrzej Mikolajczuk as Marketing Manager for the Polish market.

SISTRADE aims to strengthen its commercial and technical capacity in Poland, as well as to increase its sales in the market already in 2011!

The expansion of SISTRADE in Poland owes much to AICEP, which supports SISTRADE since 2005, being our privileged partner and consultant at the level of logistic, institutional and market consulting support, participating in marketing campaigns implemented by SISTRADE ever since. In the last year, and with the direct support of Luis Pereira, Director of the Delegation of AICEP in Warsaw, there was launched a process of recruitment. As a result of the defined and implemented strategy, SISTRADE starts the year of 2011 with a new local representative - Andrzej Mikolajczuk.

SISTRADE now has offices in Oporto, Lisbon, Madrid and Warsaw, as well as customers and partners in several countries, including Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Ecuador, Lithuania, Turkey, Thailand, and other.

Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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