A new version - S12.7 of the Sistrade® MIS|ERP software has been launched. It includes new features and improvements helping to simplify, accelerate and improve all the company’s business and production processes.

The new features and improvements added in this new version of the software allow increasing the customers’ business through a reduction in operating costs, efficient use of time, easy access to information and optimization of the resources. Companies can collect critical information related to their business that will allow managers to make more agile and efficient decisions within the company or from anywhere in the world. 

Within the new version we would like to highlight the following features:


The flexible packaging estimating process has been improved in terms of the price per click for digital machines. The process of estimating of flexible packaging without a technical data sheet has been improved in terms of calculation of ink prices, now it is possible to indicate the coverage percentage, consumption (in g/m2) and price, for each type of ink.

Technical data sheets

Flexible packaging technical data sheet have been optimised to include even more information for a more precise and efficient production. It is now possible to rotate the imposition layout 90˚ whenever production follows a formula. Another addition which can significantly speed up data entering process, as it is now possible to import technical data through XML file. When it comes to technical data sheet for offset or labels, it is now possible to view die cutter image and all the files related with the particular die cutting tool. This latest version also includes a new component – Screen printing with all the features, including technical data sheets for this new element.

Stocks & Purchases Management

In this version we have improved the mobile warehouse solutions. The inventory process via PDT is now optimised so that after the warehouse location is selected the user has a list of all inventory for that location, including the information about the article, number of packages as well as the total weight. For a better clichés and cylinder management via PDT, there is now a new feature for flexo tool location management.

Production Management

Just as in the other areas, production management has been increased by screen printing orders processing screen in order to deal with the different external software used to handle the technical details of the screen printing.

To avoid production movements without a clear responsibility we have now set the presence of the employee on the production machine mandatory.


For the multi-factory companies we have improved the scheduling management, now the same job order can be simultaneously planned in different factories.

Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2020


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