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Sistrade MIS/ERP software offers a wide range of solutions for products in the industries of folding cartons, corrugated packaging and displays. It allows simple and fast estimating, providing all the necessary information.
Sistrade software is a completely configurable solution, very flexible and can be adapted to the reality of any company. Among various specific features, it provides access to the control of the entire production process and covers all the manufacturing stages of all running jobs.

Sistrade MIS/ERP software creates an estimate mentioning the details of the production, including all the relevant costs and features of the final product and does it according to the commercial sequence:



Sistrade Software for Packaging allows:

> Estimate jobs such as folding cartons, corrugated packaging and displays
> Design library including ECMA and FEFCO standards as well as customer-developed designs
> CAD/DXF interface to allow the use of external software suites for the imposition definition
> Fast and easy imposition layout optimization for the design library, including nesting and gang printing
> Calculation of inks and varnishes consumption
> Tool library management for dies (cutting, stripping, embossing, …)
> Material traceability from its reception until the final product and backwards
> Packing and palletization definition and calculation
> Pre-press and customer approval workflow
> Multi-section and multi-plant job scheduling, including alternative scenarios
> Production follow-up in real-time through shop-floor data collection or using automation data
> Industrial cost calculation that allows pre and post-production cost analysis
> OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
> Finished goods management (including GS1 identification, box label, pallet label, …)
> Quick dispatch and invoicing of finished goods


Packaging Estimating

Estimating was never so easy! In just a minute you can introduce the customer data, type of product, technical details about the job, simulate other quantities, apply margins, analyze the financial indicators and send directly the quotation by email through the system.
Using Sistrade MIS/ERP software, you can make all the types of boxes and packaging of cardboard, corrugated cardboard or other material. All FEFCO and ECMA designs are already displayed in the system to facilitate the design of the box and you can also include new ones.



CAD/DXF Integration

  • Allows a dynamic integration with structural design CAD systems
  • System collects all the necessary information from file: imposition layout, number of UPS, sheet dimensions, die blades dimensions for both cut and crease
  • It is possible to adapt the number of UPS to the job's needs
  • Maintenance of all used and unused files with preview option

Imposition calculation and optimization

  • Definition of the printing machines with all its technical features
  • Change the parameters of the machine, suggested by the system
  • Change the paper that the system suggests
  • Calculation of the plan and complete optimization of the printing plan, including design rotation (90º, 180º and 270º) and nesting


Packing, Palletization and truck/container definition


Box definition

  • Possibility of defining all the product's information that is being packed;
  • Type of carton/corrugated cardboard box;
  • Box dimensions (can be automatically calculated according to the product's specifications);
  • Quantity of products per box (can also be calculated);
  • Possible forms of assembling the product inside the box

Pallet Definition

  • Definition of the type and dimensions of the pallet
  • Distribution of the boxes in the pallet
  • Definition of the number of layers by pallet
  • Definition of the number necessary pallets
  • Definition of the truck/container and the number of pallets per cargo



  • It is possible to use the features of the system to define all necessary information for the manufacturing of POS/POP displays
  • It is possible to have a job that is made out of several parts or components that can be printed either together on the same sheet or on multiple sheets
  • Whether using an already existing design or a completely new design, through the existing features of the system, every process is taken into consideration
  • Each part or component has its own manufacturing process and all details are defined and can be totally different from each other
  • The necessary materials for every step in manufacturing are calculated. It can range from a simple cardboard display to a high level of complexity with the mix of several materials like cardboard, corrugated board and foamboard

Estimates - Cost Calculation

  • Type of carton to be printed and grain direction. The system calculates make-ready and running waste and needed sheets
  • Corrugated cardboard manufacturing data: type of liner paper, flute paper, flute type and associated carton needs and costs
  • Inks and varnishes definition: consumption and cost calculation
  • Plates calculation
  • Print make-ready time and cost
  • Print time and cost
  • Pre-press operations
  • Post-press operations (lamination, hot/cold stamping)
  • Folding and gluing operation
  • Subcontracted/outsourced operations
  • Raw materials definition and calculation
  • Auxiliary tools (die-cut blade, braille, ...) definition and calculation


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