Screen Printing estimates with full process scaling and costing

Sistrade software has made Screen Printing estimate management faster by allowing users in a single estimate to manage multiple variants of a product, this way optimizing the response time to new orders from the clients.

Sistrade software allows the users to make screen printing estimates with full process scaling and costing by production stage, and estimates with all the relevant information can be sent directly from the software to the client. Another advantage is creating technical data sheets directly from estimates, this way, the variants of the same product can be managed on a single data sheet with details divided by variant.


Sistrade Software for Screen Printing:

> Screen printing estimating
> Detailed costs calculation
> Technical data sheet
> Streamlining of variant provision process of the same product
> Detailed customisation of each variant (ink/pantone and dimensions)
Screen printing imposition
> Screens specification
> Specification of production stages
> Direct generation of pre-press material job orders
> Overall job order management
> Screen printing graphical process management
> Automatic colour validation management through external images
> Screen printing ink/pantone information management
> Screen printing order technical data overview for JO generation
> Streamlining of information input for screen printing job orders
> Connection with graphic design software
> Connection with imposition optimisation software
> Approval workflow
> Simulation of other quantities
> Email directly the quotation to the client
> Management of components for the same job order in the data collection


Technical Data Sheet

Screen Printing technical data sheets store all the information related to a product and its variants. It is possible in a single data sheet to manage technical information in terms of colours, dimensions, screen and its usability conditions, customer information and attachments. The data sheets are the basis of the process, where the information is gathered, allowing a new estimate for a product or variant.


As screen is one of the main tools of Screen Printing, in Sistrade software the user can define the screen to be used by variant, identifying its usability conditions.


Information configurable and recorded on the TDS

  • Variants
  • Graphical information
  • Printing material (screen) and conditions applied
  • Product variants, dimensions and client’s information
  • Colours, copies and sequence
  • Technical colour specification
  • Comments by operation
  • Attached files
  • Quality Control
  • Graphical Process
  • Colour validation and comparison
  • Pre-press material JO requirements



Screen Printing Order Processing

Sistrade software allows the user to manage approved orders, enabling job order creation of various similar articles, for cost and time optimization. One of the advantages of this option is the ability to customize various screen printing components to be generated in a job order.




  • Management of orders without technical information
  • Copying technical information directly from the estimate
  • Preparation of technical data for job order generation
  • Ongoing screen printing orders overview
  • Connection with external imposition optimization software
  • Automatic generation of job orders
  • Production alert customization
  • Order grouping component
  • Connection with screen printing graphic design software


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