Improve performance, knowledge and strengthen competitiveness

Innovation plays a crucial role in the nuclear actions of companies, aware of this situation SISTRADE developed a solution that allows innovation support as a selection of the best ideas. This tool aims to improve performance, knowledge and strengthen competitiveness. This system ensures the monitoring of the idea from the moment it is generated to its implementation because no idea is born perfect, generated information passes through a phase of evaluation/analysis, allowing electing and refining ideas. With practice, this solution will generate a great deal of information implicitly related to the employees’ innovation.

The Idea Management system follows a PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Act) process and strives for continuous improvement and structures the requirements for its connection with the different phases of this cycle. An important aspect of this tool is the configuration/parameterization which enables total adaptation to the organization, allowing it to have total control of the events.

Basic Structure of the Software

> Inclusion of the Idea
> Evaluation
> Selection
> Project acceptance


  • Creating value for the organization and customers through a process of planned and systematic innovation
  • Creating an organizational culture of innovation
  • Systematizing RDI activities to progress building “know-how”
  • Following technological development, identifying and anticipating market needs
  • Promoting and encouraging the analysis of the external environment of the company
  • Allowing employees to participate actively in the innovation process of the company
  • Promoting teamwork
  • Increasing creativity and knowledge
  • Optimizing the internal “know-how” of the company

Main Characteristics

  • Introducing the ideas to the system
  • Consulting ideas available in the knowledge base
  • Improving displayed information
  • Evaluating generated ideas
  • Parameterizing evaluation criteria
  • Management of the knowledge base
  • Downloading and uploading files attached to an innovative idea
  • Monitoring the status of the innovative idea
  • Evaluating income
  • Supporting the company in the regulation of RDI documents
  • Providing indicators of objectives and targets
  • Indicating funding opportunities
  • Identifying human and financial resources involved

This system consists of several areas that allow the user to insert ideas and attach appropriate documentation in order to enrich the growing knowledge base. The information is shared by the employees of the company which will be available once needed. One can track the run-time status of one’s idea, as soon as the evaluation is obtained

This module allows the user to manage the system as customizable as it is most appropriate for the company.

  • Management of sub-module areas where the ideas of innovation get separated into such areas as product innovation, process, organizational and marketing, which the manager can change if necessary.
  • Management of sub-module entities allows the manager to identify the whole of an innovative idea.
  • Management of sub-module for managing areas enables the manager to appoint an evaluator of ideas for the area of innovation to be fully manageable.
  • Management of sub-module assessment criteria, the assessment criteria, as their scores are parameterized, allow the manager to shape the way that best fits one’s company.




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