Sistrade MIS|ERP Solution to boost your company’s performance

MIS (Management Information System) | ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Sistrade® is a process management-oriented business management solution developed by SISTRADE. It is a technology solution that gives medium and large companies the basic feature of estimating, order management, purchasing, stocks, production management, accounting, and other features.

Sistrade® is a web-oriented solution that is ready to settle in the business-to-business world, enhancing and extending the market and promoting electronic trade among companies. By the means of features that ensure adherence to the digital economy through the interconnection with marketplaces, it aims at the conquest of new markets. The application interface is all web-based, it is available from an Internet browser which allows access anywhere in the world, simply using Internet access.

MIS|ERP Sistrade is available to specific business processes such as:

Printing & Packaging Industry


Labels & Flexible Packaging Printing


Other Industry


Sales Force Automation

MIS|ERP Sistrade® technological solution automates the sales force, to the extent that influences the performance of the commercial function and influences other company functions. The tools that MIS|ERP Sistrade® offers at this level allow vendors to find potential new customers, record quote requests, consult the current account of the customer. The company can thus, through CRM (Customer Relationship Management), post information about customer contacts, financial information, information on ongoing projects or orders that have contact with the company, special pricing and competitive information to reach the sales team that are engaged in this field.

The fact that this application is 100% web allows the management to monitor the performance of the teams and identify emerging opportunities faster and more accurately. The conditions created for the sales team can offer more personalized service, while the management can focus on optimizing solutions for increasing the performance.

With this electronic platform, the company has a solution that guarantees all the commercial management support in a system of workflow processes. The user can do estimates, record orders, record invoices, manage the shipping, analyse third parties and other features, all of which are supported in a workflow. The collaborative workflow system has the responsibility to manage approval rules between different entities (documents, people, processes, etc.). These approvals can be only internal or interact with external entities via email and may be total or partial.

Using MIS|ERP Sistrade® customer or vendor can enter the initial data of the estimate for subsequent calculation of the estimator. This feature is undoubtedly a factor of added value, this way it allows a response to customers on time and therefore their loyalty.


Accounting, Financial & General Ledger Management

Financial management is a set of actions and administrative proceedings involving the planning, analysis and control of the financial activities of the company, aiming to maximize the economic and financial results, arising from its operating activities. The Accounting module has an automatic integration with other modules. It has an advanced and complex system of Transactions which enables direct integration in Accounting of all movements at the other modules that contain integration with accounting, such as customer management. Therefore, after parameterization, most of the company's accounting is done automatically, preventing the error and allowing a greater dedication of time for conferences and analysis. The human resource management module of Sistrade® ERP is an ideal solution for the management of people in the company. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, this software allows managing all the issues related to human resources of the organization in a simple and efficient way. Fixed Assets module of Sistrade® ERP was designed with the basis on the new rules of IAS and is therefore optimised for this new paradigm. This tool allows the user effective management of the entire lifecycle of the goods within a company, to carry out operations related to the asset and print reports of depreciation, revaluation and gains and losses.


Iprocurement, Logistics, Stocks and Purchase Management

iProcurement module is responsible for streamlining the entire purchase process and the suppliers’ approach towards the company's value chain. Using the Internet, the company can see all information and data of the suppliers, manage the prices charged by different providers, initiate purchase orders, manage stocks, consult the current account of articles, etc. It allows the access to a supplier web portal where, after logging in and entering the password, the user does the maintenance of provided products data, responds to query requests, makes automatic replenishment of stock, changes one’s personal data and other features. The purchase process starts with a request for quotation to many suppliers, sent through the Internet procurement or e-mail. Essentially this query comes to a search of potential suppliers in specialized marketplaces, using the Internet channel of the article one wants to buy. According to the responses of providers the application will choose the best and the second profitable price, delivery date or other criteria. In purchase management, the system analyzes the needs of a warehouse warning for replacement stock. The user may require a purchase mediated by the list of needs of the system that issues the purchase to the supplier. Using the application, since it is a web platform, the user at any moment and outside the workplace can respond to a customer about the delivery of a product. For this, just check the condition of stock or run the simulated production planning for the material. In a few seconds, the system provides a delivery date for manufacturing of the requested product automatically. This feature adds value to customer service and brings loyalty to it.


Production Management and Industrial Control

Production workflow solution integrates management services, planning and production control. It is a solution that allows systematizing consistent production processes and information flows of the company in order to make them simpler and more efficient. It is intended for the automation of production support and workflow throughout the production system. This module allows efficient flexible and integrated modelling, automating and optimizing the areas involved in production planning, management of job orders, industrial costing and production data collection. This approach guarantees a substantial reduction in costs, high operational efficiency and improved levels of service provided to the Customer. The best practices of production management will be built into the information system that can be accessed from the Internet browser, allowing the users to focus on the analysis of indicators on quality and speed of performance.

The approval process of job orders is optimized and based on the workflow system, which allows the quick and efficient issue of production orders. These job orders will be planned based on a decision support system for production scheduling in Gantt chart. The system of production data collection allows systematic and real-time reporting of what happens in the factory to the planning of confirmed job orders. Using the management tool, the client may access the status of the order, using the Internet as a means of access. Anywhere and at any time, the customer knows at what manufacturing stage the order is and when it will be accomplished. This adds value to customer service.




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