All Sistrade features are available on Cloud! It's simple, but at the same time powerful. From estimates to deliveries, you can plan the activities, CRM, manage materials, invoice and many other features of the ERP or MIS Sistrade using a simple Tablet! It's so simple and easy to use. That's why you will love it!


Sistrade is web-based software. Stop buying software licenses, servers, put an end to maintenance problems. Use it through the Internet in Cloud. Sistrade is available in private and public Cloud solutions.

Complete ERP

Sistrade covers all the enterprise requirements. Accounting, general ledger, payroll, commercial management, manufacturing, material and supplier management, CRM, Business Intelligence, scheduling and other key features of ERP or MIS.

web-oriented application

Sistrade software solution is a web-oriented application, it allows accessing information from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection and a browser.

Advantages of internet technology in relation to prior technology:
  • More economical to be centralized in a single server;
  • Makes developments and standards of greater use in today's world;
  • Minimizes the need for replacement of existing PCs, making the most of the existing park;
  • Facilitates remote access to information;
  • Streamlines the process of information exchange among others;
  • Reduces incidents and maintenance costs;
  • Easy to use.

All Sistrade software use Microsoft SQL Server support database. It is a relational database which optimizes IT environments, as it provides a safe and reliable platform for data analysis and management. SQL Server delivers fundamental technological advances in terms of information repository for collaborative users and adds value to the organizations.

Key Benefits:

An engaging vision, wherever you go, with personal productivity tools Microsoft Office, as well as business intelligence tools (BI);

Any type of data, any size, anywhere, using a platform of modern data management that supports structured and unstructured data in real-time with the simplicity of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server and cloud scalability.

sql server

motor de geração de relatórios

SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services - Sistrade® software modules incorporate an engine based reporting in multidimensional perspectives and adjusted to the profile of each user.

Thus the user has at one's disposal a useful, simple and practical tool for an assisted report construction in perfect harmony with the data structure.

It is a solution completely configurable and adaptable to any business model. The reports are made and generated with an excellent performance in real time and in different data formats, such as, XML, PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, TIFF…

Several Reporting Engine Features:
  • Creation of dynamic and interactive reports;
  • Extension of reports to the cloud;
  • Easy creation of charts using information from the table;
  • Self-service report creation in a wide variety of formats;
  • Perfect cooperation with MS Office personal productivity tools;
  • Incorporation of new forms of data analysis with MS Power View.