SISTRADE implementa el sistema de gestión y control de la producción – Sistrade® software en Sogapal.

Sogapal es una empresa familiar que nació hace cerca de 20, siendo actualmente una de las mayores gráficas nacionales, cultivando una cultura de satisfacción de los clientes a nivel de la calidad, precio y plazo de entrega, solo posibles a través de las constantes inversiones realizados en las áreas de pre-impresión, impresión y acabados. 

Sogapal ha invertido continuamente en la más reciente tecnología, tanto a nivel de rotativas comerciales como a nivel de hoja a hoja (planas). Apostaron en las rotativas comerciales de 48 páginas y máquinas de hojas de 8 colores, para impresión en plano de cara y dorso en cuatricromía. 

SISTRADE empresa especializada en sistemas de información, implementó un MIS|ERP para la industria gráfica Sogapal. Este proyecto surgió de la necesidad, que Sogapal tenía en gestionar su producción, los stocks, compras y presupuestos. Las funcionalidades implementadas fueron: módulo de presupuestos & ventas, módulo de gestión de stocks & aprovisionamientos y módulo de producción. Sistrade® es un ERP de gestión y control de producción para las industrias de embalajes y artes gráficas, basado en interfaces web.

INTERVIEW Sogapal - Magazine Rassegna Gráfica [Versão PDF]

 Could you tell me the story of your company?

Paulo Cruz: Our printing company was founded by my father, Manuel Cruz, over 20 years ago, and was originally only a sheet fed machine company. Then 10 years ago we started to invest in web presses and started growing very fast and we are now the biggest printing company in the country.

2. From a production point of view, how did the company develop? What kind of products could you realize and what’s your core business?

PC: We started with small products for one colour sheet fed machines, flyers, mailings, etc, and currently we are doing magazines, catalogues and products for the big supermarket chains – flyers , handouts, leaflets.

Quais são os seus clientes (local, internacional, pequenas, médias ou grandes empresas, etc.)?

PC: Temos médias e grandes editoras nacionais, grandes compradores de impressão e cadeias internacionais de supermercados.

What kind of customers have you got (local, international, small-medium company or big print buyers, etc.)?

PC: We have medium and large national editors, big print buyers, international supermarket chains.

What kind of printing, prepress and postprint solutions have you got?

PC: We have the latest CTP technology from Kodak, we have solutions both in sheet feed and web comercial presses from KBA, and in post print perfect binding and stitching machines from Muller Martini. Also our web presses have integrated cutting lines with gluing systems and stitching systems..

5. What are your last investment in term of technologies?

PC: Our latest investment as been in web machines from KBA and a CTP from Kodak

On what base do you build your company strategies (quality, innovation, service etc.)?

PC: Quality, flexibility, low price and speed of response to customer's needs

What are the advantages of the new management system by Sistrade? How is it configured (what modules)?

PC: The management system from Sistrade has been throughout the years the most valuable tool running things on a daily basis here at the company, going from the order system, through the production and delivery. We have a wide range of modules installed, stocks, sales, buying, production management and production analysis, HR, etc, and few other we are installing to connect it to the accounting.

Why did you choose a such system? Which were your needs before this choice? How did your production cycle change after this installation?

PC: We choose Sistrade as a partner because the products available at the market at that time did not take care of all our needs, and Sistrade were like ourselves a young and ambitious company with the will to grow, and they developed the system around our needs, making the necessary changes to make the system customised to Sogapal's requirements, not a pre-made product that your company has to adapt to.

Were you satisfied about assistance and service by Sistrade?

PC: Yes, we are. Throughout the years our relation has been an open and honest one, and every situation that arose was analysed by both companies and resolved with complete satisfaction. I would recommend them without the slightest doubt!