BOLFLEX - компания, специализирующаяся в производстве компонентов для обуви, была создана в 1992 году, с 4 прессовыми машинами для резины и 6 сотрудниками. На протяжении многих лет, устойчиво инвестируя, и справляясь с постоянным ростом заказов, компания приобрела 32 машины литьевого формования резины, тем самым увеличивая свою производственную мощность.

Для того, чтобы остаться ведущей компанией в разработке и поставке резиновых подошв и других материалов Bolflex решила искать и внедрить систему ERP. Использование решения Sistrade ERP позволяет Bolflex управлять всеми бизнес и производственными процессами в одной системе.

Еще одно огромное преимущество Sistrade это 100% веб-ориентированная архитектура, где пользователь не зависит от оборудования и операционной системы. Пользователь может получить доступ ко всем функциям MIS|ERP используя ноутбук, планшет или смартфон, независимо от операционной системы или браузера.

INTERVIEW BOLFLEX - Jornal Vida Económica [PDF Version]

Bolflex turns to SISTRADE for production process digitalization

Bolflex, a company that designs, develops and manufactures components for the footwear industry, has grown steadily over the years. Given the need to modernize and make production more efficient, the company felt the need to turn to SISTRADE to ensure the digitalization of the entire process, said to “Vida Económica” Pedro Santos, head of the IT area at Bolflex. The results obtained are a reason for satisfaction for Pedro Santos. “There were various software products spread out, there was no specific production management software, only accounting and human resources. It was necessary to implement an ERP that would allow the interconnection and tracking of all the information in the company. SISTRADE was chosen, with software that allowed us to continue production and made it possible to cover all areas of the company, with special emphasis on the industrial production sector”. It was implemented at the shop floor level, given that Bolflex produces everything in-house, from the raw material to the final product. The main idea was to interconnect all business processes, from the administrative and financial area, order management, invoicing, purchasing from suppliers, stock management, job order management to the implementation of MES - Manufacturing Execution System, which includes equipment maintenance, production planning, quality control and logistics features, all this means that SISTRADE is present in all areas of the company.

Currently, the ERP is complete. “There is a concern to make continuous improvement, the software is under constant development and new features that reach the market are being used. In addition to being a program that is easy to work with, it is important to note that we always have all the technical support from SISTRADE. I think this is the ideal tool at the production level. Meanwhile, all the machines are being connected to the system, in order to collect their signals”, concluded Pedro Santos.

Largest producer of rubber soles in Europe

Bolflex has been operating in Felgueiras since 1991 and today it is the company that produces the most rubber soles in Europe. Every day, 13 thousand pairs of rubber soles are produced, 25% of which are for export. It is present in several countries, such as France, Italy, the United States or China. The company is strongly committed to professional and technological innovation. It uses renewable energies throughout its processes, recycling all its waste. The machine park is technologically advanced and the machinery available follows all stages of the normal development and production process. Processes associated with technology comprise all the product stages. Bolflex group includes Bolflex, the parent company responsible for the development of products and components for the footwear industry, Rubberlink, a company in the environmental sector specializing in recycling, and the fashion brand My Cute Pooch.

Website: www.bolflex.pt